California Hotel & Lodging Association has partnered with Class Action Capital, a market leader in class action settlement claim management. Class Action Capital is already successfully working with a very large number of hotels and state associations across the country helping to recover substantial refunds on their behalf from a number of recent class action settlements. CH&LA will now offer these value-added services to its members.

Many hotels do not have the time, resources or relevant data available to file a settlement claim, and Class Action Capital will work with them to submit a fully comprehensive claim recovery, while minimizing the use of their employees’ time, internal resources and the risk of errors when managing claims themselves.

Class Action Capital’s pricing model is simple in that we work on a commission basis whereby we receive a percentage of the client’s financial recovery and only receive our fee when our client recovers. Once you sign up for our claim management service, we will immediately get to work building and preparing a comprehensive claim.

The bottom line is we work to best position each client’s recovery from a settlement while minimizing our client’s time, use of internal resources and the risk of mistake if they were to take on claims management on their own. Please see below for a listing of applicable settlements and our claim authorization form.


This settlement resolves allegations that VISA, MasterCard and their issuing banks violated the law by charging excessive interchange fees to merchants and then enforced rules that prohibited those merchants from accepting other forms of payment.  The settlement fund is approximately $5.54 billion and the deadline to file a claim is May 31, 2024.  All merchants who accepted VISA and/ or MasterCard credit or debit cards as a form of payment between January 1, 2004 – January 25, 2019, are likely eligible.

Claim forms are being delivered and are available online beginning December 1, 2023.  Claimants do not need to sign up with a third-party to participate in monetary relief; for additional information, class members may visit, the court-approved website for the case.

The settlement administrator will have data from defendants and other sources which it expects will permit them to estimate the total value of interchange fees attributed to each authorized claimant.  No cost assistant will also be available from the settlement administrator or class counsel during the claims filing period.  If the data is not reasonably available to estimate a class member’s interchange fees paid or if the value established by the settlement administrator is disputed by a class member, claimants will be required to submit information in support of their claim.

This settlement is highly relevant to the hospitality industry and Class Action Capital has already identified many members as being very likely eligible to receive meaningful refunds.  Please keep in mind that you will not be entering into a lawsuit, but rather submitting a confidential claim to recovery your organization’s pro-rata share of the settlement funds which have already been set aside into an escrow account.  Since this is pro-rata, if you do not file a claim, any funds owed to you will be shared by all the others who are approved. To complete a claim from and sign up for the settlement, please visit the court approved website for the case:

For more information about Class Action Capital, please email Joshua Kerstein at