What We Do

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Our Services

Identification & Education

Our expertise allows Class Action Capital to work on a claimant’s behalf to ensure all claims are properly identified, processed, and filed. We use our domain expertise and proprietary analysis to best positions and process each claim for the settlement opportunity.

Data Retrieval & Analysis

We work with your company to identify relevant available historical economic data both internally from you and also from all potential external sources. Class Action Capital’s team then analyzes and organizes the economic data to determine what, if any, missing pieces exist in order to best position an acceptable, defensible and comprehensive claim.

Claim Preparation & Filing

After assisting clients in gathering all requisite data and documentation, we then use our domain knowledge and expertise to best position all available resources in preparing, processing, and timely filing a comprehensive claim on your behalf.

Claim & Settlement Tracking

Throughout the process, Class Action Capital continually monitors (1) the case and settlement(s) via court filings as well as communications with class counsel and the administrator and (2) each claim processed and filed including troubleshooting any issues that may arise and addressing the administrator’s questions and concerns.


Should your company receive an audit request letter from the administrator during the audit process, Class Action Capital will prepare an acceptable and defensible audit response on your behalf and will handle the entire claim audit process including advocating for true claim value, at our own expense.

Processing Payment

Working directly with the administrator, we will manage the receipt of settlement funds to ensure timeliness and accuracy of the claim value. Class Action Capital will then promptly process and distribute your post-fee recovery along with a full financial statement of the claim(s), inclusive of a copy of the administrator’s original gross recovery check, to ensure complete transparency.

Claim Monetization

Eliminate Recovery Risk

Our purchase is non-recourse so that your company keeps the payment even if the value of the underlying asset is not realized; the settlement is overturned due to appeal or if your claim is reduced or rejected.

Realize Immediate Liquidity

The class action settlement process can be long and in some instances it may take years for claims to be paid, such as in circumstances of appeal. Class Action Capital’s solution provides businesses with the opportunity to receive immediate value and liquidity, thereby removing the risk of if a claim will pay, when it will pay, and how much it will ultimately be worth.

Reduce Internal Workload

By monetizing your claim, Class Action Capital assumes ownership and responsibility for the claim(s) moving forward. Therefore, in addition to the immediate capital your company receives, you no longer have the burden of monitoring the case or the fiduciary liability of managing the claim.