Donlen is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Class Action Capital (CAC), a market leader in managing corporate class action settlement claims, to support Donlen’s efforts to obtain and optimize recoveries for our customers in the Auto Parts Antitrust class action settlement, which has a settlement fund of more than $1.2 billion related to alleged price-fixing of certain parts by the part manufacturers.

Donlen has proactively gathered data and documentation on vehicles leased from or purchased through Donlen from 1990-2019 to prepare for the claims-submission process. As a valued Donlen customer, no action is required by you to participate in this program to attempt to recover your pro rata share of the settlement funds for a) any vehicles leased from Donlen, i.e., Donlen owns, or b) vehicles purchased from Donlen, i.e., you, the customer, owns. For the vehicles leased by Donlen to customers, even though we believe legally these claims belong to us since we purchased and owned the vehicles, in furtherance of our goodwill we will be passing through the net financial recovery to our customers.

However, please note that Donlen will not be proactively filing claims for vehicles purchased by our customers outside of Donlen’s purchasing program. We do not have in our records the requisite data and documentation. If you wish to have these vehicles filed, along with the vehicles described above, for potential compensation from this settlement, and you would like to use our partner rather than handle your claim yourself, Donlen’s filing partner, Class Action Capital, can assist you with the claim preparation, eligibility assessment, evaluation, and the submission and management of your claim.

Donlen customers will need to provide Class Action Capital with certain vehicle data and documentation. Class Action Capital’s claim representative will reach out with further instructions once the service agreement is complete.

To sign up for Class Action Capital’s services, please scroll down and fill out the service agreement below.

Class Action Capital works on a contingency fee arrangement. Class Action Capital’s contingency fee is 20 percent of any financial recovery. There are no other fees and, if no recovery is obtained, there is no fee charged.

If you do not want Donlen to proactively file a claim for a) leased vehicles that Donlen purchased and owned or b) vehicles purchased through Donlen that you, the customer, owned, please simply just fill out the opt-out form at the following website:

After claims are approved and settlement funds distributed, Class Action Capital will work with Donlen to send clients their allocated share of the settlement fund recovery for their associated eligible vehicles.

CAC will use reasonable efforts to pursue Company’s recovery from the Settlement based on the data and information received from or on behalf of Donlen’s customers, however, Class Action Capital cannot guarantee any particular recovery, nor can Class Action Capital control or predict the timing of Settlement payments.

If you have any questions regarding the settlement or the claim filing process, please contact Class Action Capital’s representative, Cody Wilson, at or 914-200-0071.