EpiPen Antitrust Class Action Settlement



Class Action Capital has identified hundreds of corporations and institutions that are likely eligible for compensation in connection with a recent class action settlement pertaining to both the name brand and the generic brand of EpiPen Products. The value of this settlement is currently over $345,000,000.

Class Action Capital specializes in the claim preparation of antitrust class action settlements for U.S. and Canadian-based companies and institutions. Since 2012, we have filed claims in various Class Actions for over 5,000 corporate clients nationwide and, combined, recovered over $350,000,000. Our clients span varying sizes and industries, from many Fortune 1000’s down to local & regional businesses within healthcare, education, automotive, travel, pharmaceutical, not-for-profit, energy, retail, and many more industries.

Overview of this Settlement:


This case alleges that the name brand and the generic brand EpiPen manufacturers violated certain state antitrust and federal racketeering laws. This led to the conclusion that the class members – end-users and consumers – paid more for these products than they would have in a competitive market. This case has multiple classes based on whether you purchased the EpiPen products directly through the defendants, through a distributor, or for “end-use” consumption.



Class Action Capital’s Offer:


While any company can file a claim without the help of a third party, many organizations we speak to decide not to collect their due amounts because of their internal capacity constraints where they simply may not have the time, resources, data, nor understanding of the many complex class actions necessary to analyze and complete their claims properly. This could lead to companies missing out on substantial amounts of money to their bottom line.

Class Action Capital’s offer to our clients is to handle the process of recovering their proportional share of the settlement funds for which they may be eligible. We do this by handling all the heavy lifting such as data collection, detailed data analysis, claim preparation, filing, and properly providing professional expertise that may ultimately be needed to navigate the claims process for these settlements.

Should you choose to work with Class Action Capital, all we need from your company to get started with filing the claim is a completed Claim Authorization Form which can be found below. Once completed, we will get to work collecting and analyzing your data to prepare and file claims in a timely manner.



Class Action Capital’s Fee Structure


We simply work on a contingency fee, where we charge 25% of your claim reward contingent on our success. If we are unsuccessful in getting you any money, you owe us nothing.


Should you have questions, or request more in-depth detail on each Settlement, feel free to email our team at Info@classactioncapital.com and we will get back to you promptly.


Class Action Capital’s fee is a percentage of your financial recovery, as stated on the Service Agreement you sign. If we are unable to get your company a reward, you owe us nothing. You do not have to hire a third-party claims consultant and are entitled to file your claim on your own without incurring any fee. You can find more information on the official settlement website at the link below. Class Action Capital is not a law firm and does not give legal advice. Class Action Capital is not associated with the class administrator, the court, class counsel, or any other official party.


EpiPen Settlement Official Website:   www.epipenclassaction.com







EpiPen Antitrust Class Action

Settlement Claim Filing Agreement