Class Action Capital has identified that many healthcare providers are likely eligible for compensation in connection with multiple class action settlements. The majority of these cases stem from allegations that defendants conspired to fix, raise and maintain pricing of their products, resulting in prices higher than those that would have naturally existed in a competitive market in violation of state and federal antitrust laws.

Many companies that we speak with are eligible for these refunds but do not wish to pursue the claims filing internally due to limitations on their time and resources. Additionally, many firms’ data retention policies limit the relevant documentation they can readily gather.

Class Action Capital specializes in claim preparation and filing for over 5,000 corporate clients across the country. Our offer is to assist your company in recovering your pro-rata share of the settlement funds by handling all the heavy lifting – including data collection and analysis, claim preparation and filing – on your behalf. The only thing Class Action Capital needs to get started is for your company to complete our Claim Authorization Form (below). Once completed, we will get to work analyzing your claim to prepare and file for the impending deadlines in a timely manner.

Lovenox Settlement – $120,000,000

This settlement alleges that Momenta Pharmaceuticals kept the prices of Lovenox® and generic enoxaparin higher than they otherwise would by manipulating the generic approval process that is required to ensure every batch meets FDA standards. Although Momenta did not develop enoxaparin, it tried to use its patented processes for testing generic enoxaparin to prevent other generic drug manufacturers from producing and selling it. Additionally, this lawsuit also claims that Momenta collaborated with Sandoz and was aware that developing a scheme to monopolize the market would lead to increased profits.

Eligibility Requirements include hospitals, TPP, and patients without insurance who purchased, paid for, and/or reimbursed some or all of the purchase price for generic enoxaparin or Lovenox in class states between September 21, 2011 – September 30, 2015 for the purpose of personal consumption.

The deadline to file for this settlement is September 1, 2020.

Blue Cross Blue Shield National Antitrust Settlement

This settlement alleges that Blue Cross Blue Shield companies throughout the United States colluded to create territories within the US, in which only one “Blue” could sell insurance and/or contract with healthcare providers and subscribers in violation of antitrust laws. This resulted in subscribers and providers paying more than they would have in a competitive market.

Healthcare Subscribers Class

Eligibility Requirements include all persons or entities who, during the period from April 17, 2008 to the present (the “Class Period”), have paid health insurance premiums to a BCBS defendant for individual or small group full-service commercial health insurance. 

Healthcare Providers Class

Eligibility Requirements include all healthcare providers, not owned or employed by a Defendant, who have provided healthcare services, equipment, or supplies in the United States at any point from 2008 through the present. 

Syringe and Catheter Antitrust Settlement

This settlement alleges that healthcare providers paid higher prices for regular and safety syringes, along with safety IV catheters, given the way manufacturers and distributors led by Becton Dickinson manipulated the market. These corporations allegedly locked providers in to long-term contracts with above competitive pricing and no option to use other manufacturers.

All healthcare providers in the United States who purchased Becton conventional syringes, Becton safety-IV syringes, and/or Becton safety-IV catheters on or after May 3, 2014 directly from Becton or a Becton distributor, GPO, or unnamed co-conspirator are likely eligible for compensation.