Navistar Maxxforce Engines Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation

This lawsuit alleges that engine maker Navistar allegedly knowingly sold diesel engines with defectively designed integrated emissions systems, and that were the only engines in the trucking industry that used the EGR emissions technology. The engines were allegedly defective because EGR technology recirculates a large percentage of engine exhaust, which generates far more heat than the selective catalytic systems used by most other manufacturers.

Your company may be eligible if it owned or leased a 2011-2014 model year vehicle equipped with a MaxxForce 11 or 13 liter engine certified to meet EPA 2010 emissions standards without selective catalytic reduction technology.

This settlement includes a cash fund of $85,000,000, and a rebate fund of $50,000,000. Settlement members may only submit a claim for one type of compensation per vehicle.

For each Class Vehicle, you may elect only one of the following options for monetary compensation: Standard Cash Option, Individual Prove-Up Cash Option, Rebate Option.

  • The Standard Cash Option provides a payment based on months of ownership or lease of up to $2,500 per Class Vehicle. This is done simply by proving ownership of the vehicle.
  • The Individual Prove-Up Cash Option provides the option for a Class Member to prove up to $15,000 of Covered Costs per Class Vehicle. Each claim must be supported by reasonable contemporaneous or third-party documentation supporting the occurrence of the Covered Event and the amount of damages suffered as a result.
  • The Rebate Option provides a rebate based on months of ownership or lease worth up to $10,000 for each Class Vehicle owned or leased towards the purchase of a new Navistar Class 8 heavy-duty truck.
      • Rebates can only be used towards the purchase of Navistar Class 8 heavy duty trucks.
      • No class member can receive more than ten rebates.
      • Rebates are non-transferrable.
      • Rebates cannot be stacked (i.e. a class member may not use five $10,000 rebates to get $50,000 off the purchase price of a new truck).
      • The rebates expire 18 months after the date that they are sent to class members.

Class Action Capital specializes in the research, data collection, and claim filing of complex class action settlements. Our expertise enables us to save nearly all of the time and effort required in the claims process on your end. We will accept any data you might have related to the Maxxforce 11 or 13 engine repairs, analyze it in order to understand the benefit of filing in each of the above mentioned cases, and handle the claim through until completion. There is no upfront cost and we are simply paid a percent of what we are able to collect.

The deadline to file is June 10, 2020.