Qualcomm Antitrust Settlement

The class action alleges that Qualcomm abused its market power in the modern chip market to inflate the amount paid by device makers to license their technology in violation of antitrust laws and that these costs were subsequently passed down to those who purchased smartphones and tablets.

The case follows an FTC investigation and ruling that Qualcomm’s actions violated United States antitrust laws as well as fines levied on the company by fair trade commissions in China and South Korea for more than $975,000,000 and $800,000,000 respectively.

Judge Lucy Koh has certified a nationwide class consisting of all persons and entities in the United States who purchased, paid, and/or provided reimbursement for UMT, CDMA, and/or premium LTE cellular devices from January 17, 2013, through the present. For layman’s purposes, the class includes almost anyone who has purchased a smartphone or tablet since 2013 and includes approximately 250,000,000 devices in total, including iPhones and iPads. The class does not include either federal or state entities.

Qualcomm is currently appealing both the verdict in the FTC case as well as Judge Koh’s class certification ruling. If both are upheld, the plaintiffs will be in an exceptionally strong position, which we believe will likely result in a very large settlement.

If your company purchases smartphones and/or tablets for its employees, or reimburses its employees for the cost of a smartphone or tablet, then it may be eligible for a portion of the settlement fund if and when a settlement is reached.

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