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Stalwart Insurance has partnered with Class Action Capital, a market leader in class action settlement claim management. Class Action Capital has identified that many corporations are likely eligible for compensation in connection with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Class Action Settlement. We are already successfully working with a large number of corporations across the country helping to recover meaningful refunds on their behalf from a number of recent class action settlements.

Class Action Capital specializes in claim preparation and filing for over 5,000 corporate clients across the country. Our offer is to assist your company in recovering your pro-rata share of the settlement funds by handling all the heavy lifting – including data collection and analysis, claim preparation and filing – on your behalf. Many companies do not have the time, resources or relevant data available in order to file a settlement claim. Class Action Capital will work with you in order to submit a fully comprehensive claim recovery, while minimizing the use of your time, internal resources and the risk of mistake if you were to take on claims management on your own. The only thing Class Action Capital needs to get started is for your company to complete our Claim Authorization Form (below). Once completed, we will get to work analyzing your claim to prepare and file for the impending deadlines in a timely manner.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement



What is this case about?

The case alleges that Blue Cross Blue Shield companies throughout the US colluded to carve up the United States into territories in which only one “Blue” can sell insurance and/or contract with healthcare providers and subscribers in violation of antitrust laws resulting in subscribers and providers paying more than they would have in a competitive market.


Who are the defendants?

The defendants include all thirty six Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurers in the United States and its territories.


Who is eligible to collect under the settlement?

All individual members (excluding dependents and beneficiaries), insured groups (including employees, but excluding non-employee matters), and self-funded accounts (including employees but excluding non-employee members) that purchased, were covered by, or were enrolled in a Blue-Branded Commercial Health Benefit Product sold, underwritten, insured, administered, or insured by any Settling Individual Blue Plan from February 7, 2008 through the execution date, except for Self-Funded Accounts for whom the class period is September 1, 2015 through the execution date.

Individual member: A person covered by individual commercial health insurance.

Insured group: A health benefit plan, group account, or employer, including all individual members, sponsors, administrators, and fiduciaries thereof, that purchased, ascribe to, or is covered by commercial health insurance.

Self-Funded account: Any account, employer, health benefit plan, ERISA plan, non-ERISA plan, or group, including all sponsors, administrators, fiduciaries, and individual members thereof, that purchases, is covered by, participates in, or is enrolled in a Self Funded Health Benefit Plan.


What does the settlement provide?

The settlement provides $2,670,000,000 that is expected to be distributed pro rata amongst all qualified claimants. The claims process has not started but is expected to begin in the near future.


Class Action Capital’s fee is a percentage of your financial recovery, as stated on the Service Agreement you sign. You do not have to hire a third-party claims consultant and are entitled to file your claim on your own without incurring any fee. You can find more information on the official website at Class Action Capital is not a law firm and does not give legal advice. Class Action Capital is not associated with the class administrator, the court, class counsel or any other official parties