The Problem:

A major Healthcare System with over 100 hospitals in their network was operating under four separate legacy ERP systems but was in the process of combining all purchases through a GPO. During this transition period, the Healthcare provider contracted SAS to perform a comprehensive Pricing Audit for each of the hospitals using legacy systems and for the GPO. One of the clients’ goals was to ensure that there was a clean transition from the old legacy systems to the new ERP system.

Our Solution:

SAS was uniquely qualified to conduct this review because of our ability to acquire, process, and secure approximately a half a terabyte of data from various systems and formats, in an effective and efficient manner. We created customized audit tools that allowed us to identify pricing discrepancies for each individual hospital as well as the GPO. This pricing audit reviewed agreements for over 400 suppliers.

Great Results:

Through continuous collaboration with the suppliers and the departmental contacts at the Healthcare System, SAS was able to recover in excess of $1 million in lost revenue. In addition, we made recommendations regarding the policy noted within supplier agreements to further protect future post audits. We also reported back items that were not priced properly when loaded from the legacy systems to the new GPO.